What is MU all about?

Mansfield United is a non-partisan community focused organization based right here in Mansfield Massachusetts. Its primary mission is to increase civic engagement and voter turnout with a focus on improving Mansfields future.

Here at Mansfield United (MU) we are continuing to roll out comprehensive explanations of our positions on a number of the issues Mansfield is facing. That said there are a set of issues that will serve as foundational points here at MU.

Voter Turnout: Both at town elections and the Annual Town Meeting (ATM) our turnout pales in comparison to how we have proven we can and will turn out.

Development: Mansfield cannot grow itself to prosperity and cannot better itself following the past development principles. This may seem counter-intuitive but we’ll be explaining why this is actually a solid truth.

Downtown: The downtown is sadly suffering from short-sighted development and planning schemes that is preventing it from existing in the organic manner best suited for the place that it is. For our downtown to not only survive but to thrive we need to make it a place.

Traffic: Understanding the physical & fiscal constraints Mansfield has as it pertains to addressing the legion of issues tied to our infrastructure and traits is important. There are a number of ways we can better address our traffic woes and many of those are very inexpensive.

Community Cohesion: We will discuss this further but for now let us just say that Mansfield is fragmented and fragile and failing to meet many of its challenges due to reasons that fall under this umbrella. The terms here may come off as pretty harsh. That is not the purpose of MU or this specific topic. This will become clearer as we roll out the MU Glossary and we gain a common understanding.

It cannot be stressed enough that Mansfield is facing a number of issues and is quite simply failing at having the proper level of discussion and vision.

On this last point I can testify vehemently since serving on the Master Plan Update Committee has shown it to be too true.