Mansfield is unfortunately not immune from the virus that has taken hold on most American communities. That virus is of course the combination of sprawl and modern road design built to serve and be served by the automobile.

Logic dictates a simple truth that if you create a built environment that mandates the presence of autos you get traffic. Science also backs up that congestion/traffic is inescapeable even if you try to expand road space. This occurs via the phenomenom of induced demand. The science indicates that if you add 10% of “lane miles” (space) you immediately experince a 4% increase in demand (traffic) and very soon after you reach the new capacity.

Where is the traffic in Mansfield? Well it is almost everywhere since we’ve developed fully on the feeder/arterial model. Essentially all roads lead to 106 & 140 here in Mansfield and both those roads are arguably at their size limit.

The more important question is When is the traffic? When answers a bevy of more important questions any community needs to have when talking about making it a better,safer,and stronger place.

This page will continue to grow in an attempt to showcase our traffic issues and foster a discussion that hopefully will help our town. Check back soon.