November 15th….

I thank those who voted for me and otherwise supported my campaign. I learned a lot during the short campaign and have been left believing in all of the core principles of my campaign. Mansfield needs to get together to solve the problems we are facing. It is my hope to develop MansfieldUnited into a local grassroots movement that advances democracy and civic engagement. Please check back soon. Continue reading November 15th….

I believe in Democracy…

I believe in democracy and I believe the citizens of Mansfield have a great opportunity to reassert their authority. The Board of Selctmen should never give off the taint of partisanship for there can be only one party at this level of government and here that party must be MANSFIELD. I don’t believe the Board needs to have total public harmony going for it at all. In fact having the five members thrashing out what is truly best for the town is best. I believe a vote for whatever candidate/policy is a good vote. The notion of a “wasted vote” … Continue reading I believe in Democracy…

Sign on a Stick #4

Just got back from the train station and it was a good morning.** Dear T Commuters, As always I found it moving to watch the throngs of commuters descend upon the station and queue up for the train. There was and usually is a sort of civility and automation to it all yet many folks said “hello” or “good morning” before I could. You commuters really do represent an important demographic for the town and I for one appreciate you being here. I had a few good conversations with folks and feel reassurred folks will be voting on the 14th … Continue reading Sign on a Stick #4

Organic Development #1

I am a BIG fan of what can best be described as organic development. This is development that occurs very naturally,incrementally and tends to be at a very human scale. There are many examples of this in Mansfield and one simple example is the subject of this post. At the end of Cobb Street, which offers a highly useable sidewalk and street combo,there is access to the Bike Trail. This access is via a well-worn path blazed by pedestrians and bicyclists alike. It tells a story of how people have found a need and put a value on a place. … Continue reading Organic Development #1