…and now this

That’s from George Orwell. It seems weird to use him for this topic even during a time we are living in circumstances his more popular works mirror. Truth be told he was very true to his ideals though and it is for that reason this quote works. All too often Orwell gets misused by either the Right or Left. I hope my sharing this retains the purity it was meant to. Mansfield Mass desperately needs to be told a thing or two hundred. Not necessarily from any single person or source. The town much like a legion of communities across … Continue reading …and now this

Chart of the Day…

Although I by no means intend to devote endless hours to creating a long running series befitting the post title I am going to offer some up. Starting with this one that has definite application to policy here in 02048. The chart on offer today comes from an article in Commonwealth that focused on the public education funding issue. The premise was that Massachusetts is now more than ever a predominantly suburbanized state. This, according to the authors, leads to a well structured obstruction to funding reform. In my opinion what the authors really were driving at is how the … Continue reading Chart of the Day…

Zoning,Speculation and assorted other real estate insanity #1

There is a national sensation where zoning policy, speculation and development swirl into the perfect storm to defeat common sense and the common good. I would say this phenomenom is in evidence here in Mansfield Mass and I’m offering this short post to introduce folks to the topic. Zoning policy has gotten off the rails here in the USA and I am not alone in that assertion. Post WWII development in the USA did in fact catalyze much prosperity but it was also ruthless in creating disparities and future tolls nobody seem to want to admit were possible. All across … Continue reading Zoning,Speculation and assorted other real estate insanity #1

Organic Development #1

I am a BIG fan of what can best be described as organic development. This is development that occurs very naturally,incrementally and tends to be at a very human scale. There are many examples of this in Mansfield and one simple example is the subject of this post. At the end of Cobb Street, which offers a highly useable sidewalk and street combo,there is access to the Bike Trail. This access is via a well-worn path blazed by pedestrians and bicyclists alike. It tells a story of how people have found a need and put a value on a place. … Continue reading Organic Development #1