The Airport

Is our municipal airport the highest and best use for the land?

This might strike some as an off the wall question but it is exactly the kind of question I think the town needs to be asking.

Bringing what is clearly some out of the box thinking to the table doesn’t mean we automatically discard what is good for something that might be better. Likewise just living the status quo and wondering why things don’t change should not be seen as a best option scenario.

The Potential ?

Where else in town is there such a substantial plot of land that could be developed at a level quite simply unseen in this area?

Could some type of corporate campus that builds its own access ramps on 495 and helps retain helicopter (and drone?) facilities be a bigger revenue source?

The Today !

The MMA offers a number of positives to the town. It supports private enterprise and places Mansfield well in a competitive market. It also offers a premium site for public safety operations such as Boston Med Flight which is stationed here.  It further serves the community well via offering meeting space and hosting such events as Touch a Truck.

When we think of the MMA we need to do so with some real vision. I think we should be open to having the discussion.

The airport has fared better than many other parts of the community in the pending Master Plan Update and I personally have mixed feelings about that. The airport has a mission and is doing its best to accomplish it. Ultimately the question though: Is the mission the right one?

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