What does it mean to join Mansfield United?

Simply it means you’re willing to step up and speak out on the core issue of citizen involvement here in Mansfield. You should be a registered voter and open to discussion on the legion of pressing issues confronting the town and its residents. Partisanship is irrelevant since as far as MU is concerned there is only one party option….the party of Mansfield.

It costs nothing to join and any information you provide can be held as public or as private as you desire.

Where is membership going? Good question. We do hope to intially roll out an online community with casual real world activities. The future truly is in the hands of the citizens and we should unite and grab it.

If you agree or are just curious feel free to use the contact form to get in touch with us. you can also find us on social media. On Twitter: @02048Utd On Facebook our Page is  @MansfieldUTD and our NEW Group is MansfieldUnited Group