November 15th….

I thank those who voted for me and otherwise supported my campaign. I learned a lot during the short campaign and have been left believing in all of the core principles of my campaign. Mansfield needs to get together to solve the problems we are facing. It is my hope to develop MansfieldUnited into a local grassroots movement that advances democracy and civic engagement. Please check back soon. Continue reading November 15th….

Common Progress

I wanted to take a moment to explain what I mean when I use the term Common Progress. Basically this is similiar to the notion of ” a rising tide lifts all boats.” I would say the only difference is that it doesn’t necessarily require Keynesian economic policies and depends more so on finding the common ground regards where we are going as a community. Progress is all too often viewed derisively,especially in business and political terms. We need to embrace the meaning of moving forward positively and escaping the mire of a failing or at least unsustainable status quo. Continue reading Common Progress

Street Tips/Mansfield/East Street

Mansfield is a participant in the Complete Streets program. This program looks to make streets safe for all,cyclists,pedestrians and motorists. The following images are from East Street on the stretch where our schools are located. This image shows proper lane markings,clear signage and the cross walk enjoys a street diet via a curb bump out. In the far right you can see the bike lane marking on the pavement. This image is from just past the QMS. It also captures the clarity of signage and markings and the excellent bump out that incorporates ADA compliance as well. These two images … Continue reading Street Tips/Mansfield/East Street