Our Train Station and the Downtown Parking Issue

July 6 2019 at 11:30AM I was out and about and arrived at the Town lot that serves the Mansfield Commuter Rail Station. I’ve long held that the people who bemoan parking availability for events on North Main Street should look no further than our very own Town lot. I have also held for the same length of time that perhaps the signage should be updated to reflect what is otherwise viewed as some kind of state secret, the potential free parking option at this location. Continue reading Our Train Station and the Downtown Parking Issue

Mansfield is not immune

There are a number of social issues we see in the headlines on a daily basis that exist right here in Mansfield MA, and for the most part I’m not convinced my fellow citizens are aware of them. Human trafficking: This is a great example of how something folks find alarming yet improbable can exist. Unfortunately due to our location 02048 has in fact experienced use as a “station” along various trafficking routes. Fortunately this particular family of criminality has a dedicated element of law enforcement that diligently attempts to interdict it. The MPD and other regional agencies have been … Continue reading Mansfield is not immune