The mission of Mansfield United is to invigorate citizen involvement in local issues. Our focus areas are voter turnout,civic engagement,and fiscally responsible growth and development.

Our voter turnout for Annual Town Meeting as well as local elctions pales in comparison to how we turn out for state and national elections. We must do better!

If Mansfield is to grow and solve the legion of issues before it the people will need to engage. This means we must take an active role in the setting of local policies as well as looking out for Mansfield on the state & federal levels as well. Filed under the engagement category we also must look to ignite the volunteer spirit and good ole Yankee can do attitude to address shortcomings in a number of public space areas.

Mansfield like many municipalities has mired itself in the unsustainable scheme of funding,development and planning that will literally kill this town. All across the USA municipalities are discovering the bill is coming due on decades of bad decisions. We should want Mansfield to achieve a sustainable level of resiliency in matters of finance and growth.