About MU

My name is Allen Bryer and I moved to Mansfield in 1993 after an exhaustive search of communities. Although I am not a native son as it were I am like many of our towns residents, a person who decided to live here due to what the town has on offer.

I’ve seen a lot of changes since 1993 and it goes without saying the town looks and feels different from the first time I walked along North Main Street with my wife looking at our new home.

I want to help Mansfield be a community that people want to come to and be part of. I want to see Mansfield be the best it can be. Mansfield is moving into an exciting time and I hope you will join me in making sure we all get there together.

I was a candidate for the Mansfield Board of Selectmen in the special election held on November 14 2017 and at the core of my platform was that I believe Mansfield has a number of serious problems. Our democracy and our planning are the two umbrella areas of major concern. This is why I founded MansfieldUnited. I want to help stimulate interest in our local politics with a focus on increasing voter participation and civic engagement. I also want to highlight how our car-centric suburban planning status quo is hurting us and what we can do to fix that.


****Of note the site icon is of the WWI Memorial located on South Common. It is being used as symbol of unity as well as commemoration the US/WWI centennial.