…and now this

That’s from George Orwell. It seems weird to use him for this topic even during a time we are living in circumstances his more popular works mirror. Truth be told he was very true to his ideals though and it is for that reason this quote works. All too often Orwell gets misused by either the Right or Left. I hope my sharing this retains the purity it was meant to.

Mansfield Mass desperately needs to be told a thing or two hundred. Not necessarily from any single person or source. The town much like a legion of communities across the Commonwealth and the nation desperately needs to listen though. The all important caveat to this however is that WE need to speak!

2020 was always going to be a big year for Mansfield. New elections, a new decade and a new Master Plan. It was to be a year Mansfield launched a vision. It was to be a year someone like me,a guy with a social media presence titled MansfieldUnited was going to experince some hope,energy and pride. That course was unfortunately tracking a stormy journey but at least there was effort and potential. Then came COVID 19.

Our local democracy rocked and our community challenged Mansfield joined other communities around the globe into a dystopian world. In the throes of the ordeal Mansfield is limping along hoping to eek out portions of normalcy. We’ve delayed our elections and ATM until June. We’ve introduced efforts to conduct official business although in a manner that pales to those of some of our neighbors. We are physically still here and for now fiscally better off than many. But what?

The status quo view that Mansfield is actually in good shape or even ascendent is in my opinion incorrect. Mansfields fiscal health comes not only from some good policy but a hefty dose of one of good luck. Our long term sustainability is suspect at best. Our midterm plans for growth are myopic and quite simply foolish. Again…but what?

In closing if the citizens do not engage their government, its policies and visions they will suffer. The people of Mansfield MUST make a pledge to make 2020 mean something. Vote vote vote being the first three priorities. After this hold everything to account. Quite simply being a resident of Mansfield in address only is not enough. Be active. Be someone who makes Mansfield the town you want it to be,the way WE want it to be. Strong,resilient,transparent and a number of other worthy adjectives. Let’s be that. Let’s be Mansfield.