The Push to Understand Mansfield

The following are the updated bullets found on the MU Facebook Page under the Our Story.

Changing the Charter: Our local form of government is antiquated and out of touch with the majority of our voting population. Town Meeting is incapable of truly representing the will of the citizens and is what is holding Mansfield back the most.

A Walkable Community: Mansfield fell into the development trap many many communities all across America bought into. The result is a physically divided and now physically confined community. Our current and projected infrastructure moves are costly and poorly thought out.

Fiscal Resiliency: There are stark differences and not just nuances in a budget outlook. Austerity and frugality on one end of the spectrum and debt and deficits on the other miss the mark we should strive for. There is also a difference between a community that has wealthy people in it and a community that actually has wealth. Mansfield is very much the former.

True Vision: Mansfield needs to have a true vision of where it wants to be NOT JUST A TO DO LIST! Emphasis added as it is becoming clear that our 2008 and our 2020 Master Plans embrace the latter solely for the purpose of feeling we accomplished something. Our vision doesn’t have to big dreams. Quite the opposite. Real vision with small bets,sharp focus and flexibility is the key to long term sustainability and resiliency.

2020 is the year Mansfield gets to go all in on whether it is serious about being a stronger and more resilient town. I hope we do well.