The Next Ten Years: I

This is an introductory post for a series titled The Next Ten Years. This series has at its roots the dual happenings of the Towns Master Plan Update and a new decade. This opening shot previews the next two in the series.

Mansfield is thrashing out its Master Plan Update and its heavy focus on downtown still leaves me perplexed as to whether or not Mansfield will actually have a plan capable of navigating the next decade or not.

Presently the physical constraints on our downtown and our overzealous perception of our TOD (transit oriented development) district are pretty solid and immovable. I don’t see Route 106 getting any wider at any point of its length. The artists rendering of DT/TOD 2030 is in my opinion impossible on so many levels but I’ll get to that somewhere else. This doesn’t even touch upon the needs of Copeland Drive and North Main Streets infrastructure offerings.

Whether we will have the political will let alone the fiscal ability to do what is truly necessary in this area over the next ten years is currently an unknown. On the former I doubt we have the proactive lean to do it. On the latter I’m highly confident we don’t have the money and that the dream outcome,thoroughly unattainable imo, still would not create the level of wealth needed to sustain the finished product.

The notion of wealth in a municipal setting is a strange topic. Municipalities readily base their value on tax revenues,the median income of the households within it and the ratings they hold with the banks and bond issuers. That this is a myth is becoming clear nationwide and it has incredible consequences for cities and towns everywhere.

***Update. I looked over this post today (2/29) to see where I should go for parts II & III and noticed I really kind of created a seperate worthy bullet point. So back to the drawing board as they say.