The Holidays/ 2019/ Part II

As we move into the holiday season let’s take some time to reflect on the spirit of the holiday as applied to our community.


Christmas is often linked to the emotionial side of our psyche along the lines of hope and joy. It is the former I want to focus on in this post as I link the spirit of the holiday to our town.


Closing out the year and standing on the threshold of a new and pretty important one is definitely a time for hope. Here is my short list and whether you want to take it as an ecclesiastic plea or simply a grown ups letter to Santa, so be it.

  • I hope Mansfield finds the leadership for the next decade that it needs. Not only individuals but a serious and non rubber stamped Master Plan Update is top of the list for me.
  • I hope we make smart decisions at every turn in 2020. Politically and more importantly fiscally.
  • I hope Mansfield can strive during the times of challenging diversity. Not only on the economic front but also with what I believe will be a demographics shift. This could be a big issue for far too many here in town.
  • I hope Mansfield will prove itself on the many tests it will face especially the one that makes it the place I want to live.