Mansfield Moving 1

Trying to stay involved in civic matters is no small feat. There are many drivers for this truth not the least of which is time. Some things move pretty fast others are shamed by a sleeping tortoise and all along the range all the other demands for time in ones life fail to yield.

The opening is the explaination on offer for the lack of activity here at MU. The rest of this post will look at what has happened and that which is hoped for.

Voter turnout: Still a problem here. I’ve personally come to the conclusion that it isn’t about the competition levels found in the elections or the articles on the ATM warrant. It is the overall form of government here in town. The status quo is simply incompatible with the number of voters,our schedules, as well as the needs and obligations of the town.

There are a number of hot topic cures for our particular set of ills. Top of the list is the Nuclear Option, a much needed Charter change. Under the category of voting opportunities expanding early voting at the Town Hall is huge. As for attracting more candidates either with or without the nuke perhaps we could explore RCV, Ranked Choice Voting.

Master Plan: The launch has occurred. The consultant is on the job and the committee has been formed. I’ve stated before that this is in my opinion quite possibly the most important undertaking by Mansfield in its history. More on this as it evolves.

Community: Mansfield is in its happy zone as far as community goes. Our near back to back annuals of the Great Duck Race and Family Fun Night represent the zenith of community engagement/involvement here in 02048. I invite folks to embrace this time and recognize the brazen truths these two events reveal:


#2 Our places have a lot to offer and they’re here year round.