Mansfield HAS a Speeding Problem

It doesn’t matter what part of town you live in, if you get out and about it is clear Mansfield has a speeding problem.

Speed limits are pretty well marked throughout town with the roads with the most speeding even more so. (Ex. 140,106, n. Main and Copeland Dr)

Many of our right of ways have what can politely be termed culpable design. Copeland Drive for example enjoys the engineering of a highway lane set-up* even though it has posted limits of 30 mph & 40 mph.

The clear winner though when it comes to speeding is of course the operators themselves. Just like forest fires “only you can…” remedy the problem.

Slow Down!!!


*= set backs,sight lines,break down lane and overall lane width is part of what is called forgiving design.This all combines to create a false perception that speeding is safe. This is a form of negligence.