In the above image I ask the reader to see three columns.

Column 1 is The Street. Keeping the criteria in mind I’d invite you to think about North Main St and some of that streets connecting streets.

Column 2 is The Stroad. The evil hybrid thrust upon us by developers and engineers alike who are infatuated with the automobile to the detriment of people,scale and safety. Parts of 106,Copeland Drive and School St come under this one.

Column 3 is The Road. In Mansfield we have the Easton most segment of 106 and 140 as our best examples.

The image above is meant as a primer for those interested in converting the evil Stroad into one of the superior right of way types. It is also presented as yet another reminder of where Mansfield and many many other communities have taken the wrong path.

All in all food for thought. Thank you and let’s hope we can make Mansfield a smarter town, a stronger town and a united town.