A Monday in Mansfield #2

This Monday offers a two’fer. Number one is a follow-up from the opener in this series and the second looks at the Chocolate Factory project getting the green light.

That didn’t last long…

So it looks like the Town has chosen to remove the delineators from 106/Eastman. In my opinion this is an unfortunate capitulation to law breakers. I hope to dig into this a little bit and see exactly what is the driving force for the Town regards this stretch of road. Hopefully the information I gather will allow me to soften my initial opinion.

The Chocolate Factory

The former Lowney, ADM, Merkens factory is formally getting the green light secondary to secured funding. The Sun Chronicle reports on this here.

I hope they do this one right. It is a section of town and a structure of such high potential that it is crucial it isn’t constructed like the 3:1’s & 4:1’s downtown. If the former Lowney factory skimps on achieving its fullest potential it will indeed be a sad day for Mansfield.



Above photo showing Rte 106/Eastman Av with delineators (credit A. Bryer public domain). Previous related post here