Saving Copeland Drive #2

Where’s my rotary?

Copeland Drive ends or begins depending on your perspective at the Foxborough town line. This end now boasts the much improved plaza now called Forbes Crossing. Properties here include Hampton Inn, Moe’s & Starbucks among others.

Part of the original plans for this site included a rotary to handle the traffic.


I don’t know what’s going on but there is definitely no rotary here and quite frankly something needs to happen at this intersection.

This intersection has always had some problems and the one serious attempt to fix it,via stop signs, only lead to motorist confusion and safety issues. Copeland Drive feeds this intersection with traffic that is supposed to be travelling at a posted limit of 30 MPH.

This isn’t really a Mansfield issue except where it is a Mansfield issue. Copeland Drive is an important right of way in town which offers our citizens access to the highway system that is one of our selling points. It also serves the important role of a gateway to Mansfield. I hope the MA/DOT gets the rotary in place and that this next door development helps Mansfield.

I suspect to have updates for this post soon.