Green Litter

Just a quick post about green litter. We hear about the other kind of litter and that is an important issue for any community to tackle. I offer up a post on the green type of litter because it is not only all too often just as unsightly but it also discourages enjoyment and utilization of places by our residents.

The above images are from various locations around town and have been captured in other seasons obviously. Some of these locations do indeed get whacked by DPW,the most obvious being “my favorite hydrant” (image 5) but it is a task that literally continues to grow.

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means advocating the permanent eradication of greenery in town. Quite the opposite. It is my hope the same type of volunteer assault on the standard forms of litter can be brought to bear on the green stuff and thus bring about a better looking and higher functioning town.

Let’s be a smarter town, a stronger town, let’s be UNITED