A Monday in Mansfield #1

This post may or may not be the first in a series. I like series.

This series will capture very random topics and be presented on a Monday. Whether via whim, news stories, social media buzz or other prompt I’m confident there will be no lack of material to go with.

This first installment comes about secondary to social media buzz. On the Facebook page Everything Mansfield some folks brought discussion** forth on the following:


The above images are from Rt 106/Eastman Ave here in Mansfield. They illustrate the traffic calming measures of segregated right turn only lanes. The striping,multiple signs and delineators combine to offer a measure of increased safety and awareness.

Sadly this stretch of road which has a posted speed limit of 50 is all too often the scene of much higher speeds. It is also under-engineered for the turning traffic generated by residents of the various neighborhoods that come off of Rt 106. Still in my opinion these represent an improvement that hopefully will be built upon to further the safety of our roads.

Some other low cost improvements that could be beneficial:

  • Increased speed enforcement.
  • Increased visual cues such as signs displaying speed and or traffic pattern rules.
  • Larger street signs for the side streets. This is proper given the existing engineering alone.


** post has since been deleted

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