Differences Not Divisions…

The insanity and inanity flowing across the US political spectrum is quite simply unbelievable. The W,O and now Trump Presidencies  have seen ever-increasing intensity brought to bear ultimately against….US.

Make no mistake the People are the pawns and ultimately the losers in this epic game of division. We eat it up and that’s sick.

Throughout our history there have been differences,often quite stark ones which caused friction and disharmony. Even in the worse of times those differences didn’t truly divide us. I’d offer as evidence our ability to heal and prosper together at the conclusion of those previous times. Today there is an obvious,an overt and petty pogrom intent on making our differences be impenetrable divisions. This balkanization is unnatural and no party in America is without guilt. We must solve this!

Differences can be acknowledged, appreciated, celebrated or respectfully held in low regard. Instead of allowing our differences to be used to divide let’s use our differences to find our common ground. From here we can move forward much like we have done so many times in our history.