Voting OS100+/Opening the File

One of the foundational issues for Mansfield United is the state of our democracy. MU takes the position that our democracy is flawed secondary to mechanisms that have crafted a system that no longer respects We the People in the manner consistent with our founding. This holds true at every level of government.

Whether it is the use of antiquated models of democracy,the winner take all system, gerrymandering or the insane amounts of special interest dollars we the governed have lost. In some ways it is the sad truth that the citizenry has forfeitied bits of our rights and responsibilities. In others it is clear that these rights and responsibilities have been spirited or outright snatched from us. This is unacceptable! This can and must be changed!

Voting OS100+ is a series that looks to educate and excite citizens to become informed and engaged voters. OS100+ is a play on the tech worlds ever improving operating systems. Since we’re on the eve as it were of just entering the teens (ex Apple is at 11+),a label of 100+ clearly extols an unimagined level of improvement.

There are three simple truths that establish the common ground for this series.

  1. This is a nonpartisan exercise.
  2. Mansfield has a number of serious issues facing its democracy and its future.
  3. The solutions that will be discussed are applicable to all levels of government.

If you have a hang up over any of these three points Voting OS100+ isn’t for you. If you agree or are interested and even a bit intrigued by these three truths than Voting OS100+ will provide an opportunity for you to figure out what may be the best options for us all.