Keeping it Real on Keeping it Green #1

A picture speaks a thousand words.


If you walk down the excellent although often green intruded sidewalks of Cobb St you come to an excellent entry point for the WWII Veterans Memorial Trail aka the bike path. At the end of the sidewalk you can see if you look hard enough one of our fire hydrants.

Maintaining our green spaces is no easy task and the list of tasks for the DPW etc is long. Folks who are passionate about expanding, improving or otherwise developing present or future green spaces need to appreciate this. It is also important that citizens individually and the town collectively do not fall into the “build it and that’s all folks” trap.

This post is meant to stir debate about our green spaces in general and to insert a pause in the refreshed discussions of the former Fales site. The WW2VMT has multiple stretches where a cyclist or even pedestrian needs to dodge foliage that shouldn’t be anywhere near where it is. Add the example that we don’t even keep a hydrant clear and I think you get the idea that community efforts need to extend beyond a social media campaign.

Our green spaces are a prime example of something the Town cannot do alone and that the people must invest their private time and energies into.

Let’s be a smarter town, a stronger town,let’s be united.