How Much? Homebuying Edition

Came across this and was absolutely floored.


The Boston locations highlighted included South Boston, Allston, the South End and East Cambridge. These areas have all seen explosive growth and shifts in desirability over the past few years and speaks volumes to how the middle class and below are pushed from areas once their strongholds.

The primary reason I post this is because this represents a trend internationally that exists as a set of solid truths that is too often drowned out by talk of shifting demographics, inequalities and assorted other realty related chatter.

Very select cities are evolving into the elite urban hubs. In many cases the suburbs of these cities are experiencing dramatic shifts and pressures related to people seeking affordable living. Their dependence upon the hub is also increasing to unhealthy levels while at the same time the hubs dependence on them is mitigated by dispersing their needs among a growing number of supporting communities.

The American suburb is still the best deal for all income levels to experience positives however this is starting to shift. This shift is manifesting in budget issues and development patterns that set the communities onto an unsustainable trajectory.

I don’t like fear-mongering and speculation but this is something to be concerned about. It is something that has come to 02048. How we choose to grapple with it will become our  most pressing endeavor.