The Vacancies Part 5

The fifth installment in the series takes us back to Copeland Drive. The former bank branch found within the mini strip plaza at 84 Copeland Drive.


This vacancy shows the difficulty presented when a specific design/construction form prevails. Combined with the topography and geography of the area I can sympathize that this is not an easy lease.

This property has operated as a bank branch a number of times to my knowledge and I’m not aware of it ever being anything else. That speaks to the specificity of the construction and features. It also speaks to how a development at a given time in history,even recent history, can soon fall into obsolescence.

The US banking industry has had a number of fits and spikes in the past two decades and this location captured a number of them. Whether it was the saturation of branches for convienience model, the competitive upstart model or the “let’s open a brick and mortar branch” model this site caught its fair share and doesn’t seem to be on the list for the next one.

I don’t know if the drive thru feature would be grandfathered in for a non-banking property or if the parking situation would be green lighted for much else. Clearly the lot doesn’t fit the car centric more than short term stay scenario many businesses may require or at least find desireable.

This post brought us back to Copeland Drive. Home to the Benny’s vacancy, as well as the empty lot besides that site and is very close to the old Paine School site. ( Part 3 and Part 4 respectively.) This area is arguably the closest thing to a blighted area of vacancies Mansfield has on offer. It is also a great example of where smaller level development would be best suited,most exciting and perhaps offer the most timely turn around. This area is screaming to teach us all a very important lesson on how to be a stronger,more resilient community. Whether we are afforded the opportunity to learn that lesson will remain to be seen. I’m not overly optomistic given the packaging of the sites into multi million dollar acquisitions let alone the redevelopment costs. Still there it is.

The Vacancies Part 6 will be posted soon and will be the final installment in the series. Part 6 will be looking at the so called Transit Oriented Development Zone and have a slightly different slant to it the previous 5. Thanks.


***UPDATE 5/24/18 So it looks like a barber shop is moving into this location. I don’t know offhand if it is one that is being displaced by the pending Monster On Main St development but there it is.