Not Quite Heinz-52 not 57…

So a little humor to open this post. The Mansfield Annual Town Meeting is scheduled for May 15 2018 and the Warrant currently consists of 52 Articles.

It looks like the numbering of individual articles could change or become gaps if individual articles are withdrawn. As of right now though the mix looks something like this:
1-22 are the usual budget articles although on the draft I have they don’t have the actual $ amounts. (?)
23-28 are from the BoS and address the Town Manager residency requirement and the gender addressing within the Charter etc.
29&30 are zoning related presented by the Planning Board
31-33 are from the Planning Board and address recreational marijuana
34&35 are land use related
36 is the BoS seeking an extension of the existing recreational marijuana moratorium
37 is a simply stated ban on the sale of recreational marijuana in town
38-40 address land gifts/acquisitions
41 is concerning domestic water fowl
42 is a ban on non-agricultural roosters
43 is about alarm systems,fairly extensive
44 is a citizens petition regarding the residency requirement for the Town Manager
45 & 46 are comprehensive articles regarding a ban on recreational marijuana establishments pursuant to MGL 94G
47 looks to ban plastic “thin-film” bags
and the Warrant rounds out with 48-52 that concern zoning changes. These articles are also citizen petitions.