O.N.M.S. !!!

Oh No ! More Snow !

The words undoubtedly resonating through many a municipal hall throughout the Commonwealth with Mansfield being no exception.

Snow is perhaps the most common budget buster that gets overlooked due the whole act of nature bit. This is New England after all and winter happens. That said it all too often goes under the budget radar ,especially the publics radar. Snow removal and other weather related public works are costly endeavors.

The pending trifecta of recent winter weather will undeniably leave a red mark on the Towns ledger. We will hopefully get through it without other damages and hopefully will learn from it.

A majority of American cities and towns are nowhere near resilient as they need to be. Mansfield is totally not anywhere close to being so. This is why lessons like our winter weather are so important to learn. We need to become more adaptable to the unpredictable yet to be expected problem that is weather. This isn’t something that needs to get dressed up in climate change or other hot topic science. This is all about the simple reality that municipalities have limited resources to address hefty responsibilities.

There are a lot of ways we can work on this but the most important part will be working together.

Stay Safe Stay United