The Vacancies Part 4

For the fourth installment of the series I want to look at the stretch of Rte 106 Chauncey Street between Copeland Drive and Central Street.


This site is actually comprised of three lots. The long abandoned Paine School building, a former medical practice building and a private residence. Now packaged as a 1.33 acre site for redevelopment this location offers a number of insights into the predicament many communities find themselves in. Let’s explore that a little.

The three sites offer their own interesting story. They speak to times when zoning and codes were not necessarily dedicated to the automobile and to a time when smaller scale developers could still enjoy involvement in the local market.

Today we find the site packaged for the deep pocketed operator who will still likely need zoning variances for whatever they are to plop down here. Deep pockets will indeed be needed to presummably raze three seperate structures and redo the perimeter

This busy intersection would seem an excellent location for locating a business given our perverse belief that vehicular traffic counts = a positive. This of course is simply the totally flawed logic that has brought every American community to the sorry state they find themselves in. Human beings and specifically said humans in pedestrian mode are the true indicator species of economic vitality. For this site to truly be anything other than a cookie cutter intersection site we must think outside the box and look to develop a place. If we don’t this corner will just become a different form of blight.


This location is now listed with a different entity at $3,800,000.00

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