The Usual Suspects…


The nip bottle is a common find if you do any litter busting here in Mansfield. These little culprits have seemingly skyrocketed in both popularity and litter stock. The former is an unfortunate example of market demand the latter an example of general callousness and desire to skirt a few well established laws.

Under the market demand category we have something that fills a need. Easy to use and relatively inexpensive a nip offers consumers a way to taste test or stock their own mini-bar scenario as well as provide the quick alcohol fix to the person on the go. The former is how the marketers want you to see the nip,the latter is the tip of the iceberg they don’t want you to even contemplate. A nips portability is its principle selling point and that you can toss it without much concern is the follow-up to that.

This is when the little bottles enter the litter stream. Getting rid of them is important to motorists and pedestrians alike since it helps avoid the whole open container enforcement thing. Secondary to the noticeable increase in litter via nip many have called for action in the form of including nips under the bottle deposit regimen. I don’t know the value of a nickel in the eyes of those so needing discrete fixes of booze or whether the system would even be feasible for the various refund services we rely on. I imagine one unintended consequence of a deposit would be plausible deniability of open containers in a motor vehicle.

I’m afraid I don’t have a solution on offer on this topic. I do know it would be great if folks were focused on public and personal safety as well as the environment. If nothing else let’s try to Keep Mansfield Beautiful and get the little guys in a proper waste receptacle.

Let’s be a stronger town,let’s be a smarter town and by all means let’s be UNITED.