The Vacancies Part 1

So I was out and about today and took pictures of some of the vacant commercial properties in town. As Mansfield looks to grow itself into better fiscal health it will need to address the holes these properties represent.

The first on the list is located in our downtown section.

This storefront was most recently Cupcake Town (2015). It is sandwiched between Flynn’s Irish Pub and Gourmet Pizza & Grill on the 200 block of North Main Street.

This site offers an example of fine grain development. The old school classic town center type of development that finds a number of diverse properties in close proximity and begging for pedestrian exploration & utilization. Development such as this offers tax density for the town with affordability for the business person and requires very little in tax payer resources in return.

This type of development is something not only Mansfield but all of America has strayed from to its collective misfortune.

Whether one were to dive in for a new business venture or dip your toes in via the “pop-up” model a site like this should not remain vacant.

The Vacancies Part 2 will look at the other end of the development spectrum…Mansfield Crossing.