And so it begins

One thing I need to make clear regards the marijuana issue the Town WILL address in the coming months. (with or without my input)

I am not advocating any action in opposition to medical marijuana. In fact had I been more politically involved in town in the past I would’ve advocated that the medical marijuana establishment essentially condemned to the Cabot Park should have been afforded more clinical zoning such as on Chauncey St or Copeland Drive. In fact I am on public record that the town with its exceptional electric utility service and rates should be very open to the grow and research wings of the industry. The reason this is important is because some folks want to threaten the physical safety and security of myself,my loved ones and property as per this example :

We cannabis patients are going to hold a “civil rights” march on your street….
Since you want to be like the “kkk” or an other Nazi hate groups we are going to make your street look like Selma Alabama
We might even have a “sit in” at the end of your driveway
With lots of open cannabis smoking
We will take the fight right to your door step
Portray you as a hate group…
Hurt your political career…
Keep it up asshole….

Copeland drive right..