Sidewalk Talk 1

I want to toss this quick post out there today before all the snow melts away and as such all civic concern about sidewalks melts away too.

There is a great deal of chatter on the web from Mansfield residents lamenting the towns snow removal work especially regard the sidewalks. Parents are outraged their children are waiting for school buses in the street and others are fuming over having to walk onto the street due to the condo/rental development not clearing the sidewalk. The complaints and concerns run the gambit and can be easily understood if not appreciated,especially by those in the majority of us who don’t have sidewalks at all.

The snow has provided an important lesson about sidewalks and walkability for all the stakeholders in town. Let us not forget the lesson or allow our concerns to melt away. If we as a community truly want safe and efficient pedestrian ways here in town we need to get on the same side of the issue.

Sidewalks are important

The town is NOT responsible for removing snow from the sidewalks except where the town is the official abutter. (town hall,schools,MMED,library etc)

Residents and property owners should keep sidewalks clear year round

There will be a follow-up to this post.