I believe in Democracy…

I believe in democracy and I believe the citizens of Mansfield have a great opportunity to reassert their authority.

The Board of Selctmen should never give off the taint of partisanship for there can be only one party at this level of government and here that party must be MANSFIELD.

I don’t believe the Board needs to have total public harmony going for it at all. In fact having the five members thrashing out what is truly best for the town is best.

I believe a vote for whatever candidate/policy is a good vote. The notion of a “wasted vote” cheapens democracy and mocks the importance of voter participation.

I believe a blank vote is a powerful vote. A blank speaks volumes to the candidates or policy on the ballot and is totally respectable.

Not voting on the other hand speaks volumes about the individual voter and says something about the system. We as a town need to work on this because quite simply our turnout is too low.

I obviously hope voters will cast a vote for me on November 14th 2017 but please believe me when I also say…..VOTE.

Thank You


Allen Bryer