Sign on a Stick #4

Just got back from the train station and it was a good morning.**

Dear T Commuters,

As always I found it moving to watch the throngs of commuters descend upon the station and queue up for the train. There was and usually is a sort of civility and automation to it all yet many folks said “hello” or “good morning” before I could.

You commuters really do represent an important demographic for the town and I for one appreciate you being here. I had a few good conversations with folks and feel reassurred folks will be voting on the 14th because above all you do care about Mansfield.

This morning which was a November weather day you could smile about also reinforced my position that our core is so very walkable. From the station I could see folks coming from North Main and Old Colony streets on foot and one gentleman rolled in on one of those compact commuter bicycles. I hope the town can continue to foster ways that allow and encourage access to the station via foot & bicycle. Of course I hope we can also improve the parking lot as well as assure the safety of our residents living on the streets leading into and out of the station.

Mansfield T commuters! Tuesday November 14th we put this election into the books. I hope you will consider me when you cast your vote. In closing I will offer my wishes that all your travels are safe.

Thank You


Allen Bryer


ps ** in case you wonder what happened to Sign on a Stick #3…. that was the day the trains were not running.