Organic Development #1

I am a BIG fan of what can best be described as organic development. This is development that occurs very naturally,incrementally and tends to be at a very human scale.

There are many examples of this in Mansfield and one simple example is the subject of this post.

At the end of Cobb Street, which offers a highly useable sidewalk and street combo,there is access to the Bike Trail. This access is via a well-worn path blazed by pedestrians and bicyclists alike. It tells a story of how people have found a need and put a value on a place.

It is my position that this endeavour should not go unappreciated. I believe the town would benefit greatly if we view our green space as not only destinations but as ways to make connections. The Bike Trail is excellent at capturing these dual roles and allowing the humans to benefit from it.

Please let’s respect these spaces. Let’s use these places.

The sidewalk that has enjoyed recent taming but could use one more trim. (L) the “Y” path as seen from the Bike Trail out to Cobb. The anti-car boulders speaks to the truth we always knew this access point had potential. The paths show humans agreed.

Thank You!