Sign on a Stick #2

Today’s journey was designed to explore the core to west connection.

The range of starting points tested include:

  • High Central St. (#300 +) and Copeland Drive
  • The T station and the TOD Zone (including the Highland,Draper area)
  • Shaws Supermarket
  • Casa Dr & Walnut St/Stop & Shop

The primary route that works for this journey is of course West Street.

Copeland Drive has connections with Fowler,Henry & Alden Sts. The latter get you onto West.

Central onto George also leads to West.

The end of West,or at least the 300 block leads to this:


The lights here include a functioning pedestrian button. The interval is EXTREMELY SHORT. The walk from Shaws looks something like this:


Not only do you have the merge lane but you also have ALL FOUR lanes of 140 to cross.

This is unfortunately an example of walkability getting a smack in the face. Something that could literally help bridge the divide that is 140 and benefit multiple neighborhoods is pinned down by an insane planning model that prioritizes the automobile. Isn’t a handful of additional seconds the least we deserve?

This walk also revealed some other interesting points:

#1 The age of some of our sidewalks:


Depression Era WPA constructed sidewalk on Central Street. Still very useasble today.

#2 An offshoot of our train line constructions:


These lead down to Copeland Drive on the Wendys side of the road. Ironically at the top of the stairs you’re at 20 Copeland Drive until you step on the sidewalk when you’re on George/Central.

These go to the Benny’s side of Copeland.


Both very serviceable if vegetation tamed further.

So Sign On a Stick #2 was educational and reveals opportunity. I hope we can embrace the lessons.