Mansfield is not immune

There are a number of social issues we see in the headlines on a daily basis that exist right here in Mansfield MA, and for the most part I’m not convinced my fellow citizens are aware of them. Human trafficking: This is a great example of how something folks find alarming yet improbable can exist. Unfortunately due to our location 02048 has in fact experienced use as a “station” along various trafficking routes. Fortunately this particular family of criminality has a dedicated element of law enforcement that diligently attempts to interdict it. The MPD and other regional agencies have been … Continue reading Mansfield is not immune

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So this image was included in an excellent article presented by Strong Towns. I like this one on so many levels and the creator of it should be applauded. What are some of those levels? Well I absolutely get a kick out of tricked out trucks when they are rolling around well outside their natural environment. Seriously what are you doing? Mudding on Main St?? As a pedestrian I relate. Light cycles and sight lines absolutely favor the auto and NOT the walker! As a parent I definitely relate. Tied to the next one I invite folks to sit in … Continue reading Share this!