Can Mansfield have a plan to get over the corona hangover

There are a number of resources I could use for this post since this idea is literally “all the rage” in New Urbanist circles. The idea of local government closing streets or taking over parking spaces to allow for a better use and sense of “place”.Could Mansfield do something like this? The answer is ABSOLUTELY.Should Mansfield do something like this? Again the answer is ABSOLUTELY.Where,why and how? Where? The South Common, N. Main St from the “Middle Common” to the old fire station and the Lowney Common. The new parklet (which its new name escapes me) along the WW2VMT/Fales site is also … Continue reading Can Mansfield have a plan to get over the corona hangover

…and now this

That’s from George Orwell. It seems weird to use him for this topic even during a time we are living in circumstances his more popular works mirror. Truth be told he was very true to his ideals though and it is for that reason this quote works. All too often Orwell gets misused by either the Right or Left. I hope my sharing this retains the purity it was meant to. Mansfield Mass desperately needs to be told a thing or two hundred. Not necessarily from any single person or source. The town much like a legion of communities across … Continue reading …and now this